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Brooke Ballard & Christopher Jung

Hello and welcome to - the wedding website of Brooke Ballard and Christopher Jung.

Sharing this special time with our family and friends is an extremely significant part of our journey, and we are excited to enjoy our upcoming nuptials with you.

Within the sections of this site, you will find any and all information pertaining to "The Big Day" in August, including information about the ceremony and reception venue, facts about the wedding's host city - Louisville, Kentucky - and details regarding the hotel that will act as the Ballard-Jung Wedding headquarters downtown..

We are grateful for your support and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions that the website can't or doesn't answer for you. You can also track our progress and miscellaneous wedding updates on Twitter by following us @ForeverJungs.

We look forward to seeing you in August!


Brooke & Chris


The Wedding Party

Pic1Erin Sexton, Maid of Honor

Brooke and Erin have been best friends since they realized their mutual love of 4-H and hatred of skiing their freshman year of high school. While going to rival high schools and colleges on opposite sides of the state, these two remained best friends and Brooke considers Erin the sister she never had

Pic1Wayne Jung, Best Man

Also the Father of the Groom, Wayne is pulling double duty by simultaneously serving as Chris’ Best Man. Over the years, Wayne and Christopher – through their love of sports (Cleveland Indians & Illini college athletics) – have developed an unbreakable bond and grown into close friends beyond the father-son relationship. They also have been mistaken for “twins,” as they both look and think eerily alike.

Pic1Abby Mynatt, Bridesmaid

Brooke and Abby met their freshman year at Morehead State University while both were pledging Delta Gamma sorority. In a small pledge class of six girls, Abby and Brooke instantly became close friends and have remained close in the seven years they have known each other. 

Pic1Brandon Quinlan, Groomsman

Brandon and Chris played football together at St. Xavier High School in Louisville, KY and went on to be Regents Hall roommates and Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity brothers at Murray State University. They eventually were roommates again during their days on “Brewery Street” at the Lambda Chi house. Both have a deep love for country music and Chinese buffets.

Pic1Sarah Jacobson, Bridesmaid

Brooke and Sarah have been friends since an impromptu spring break trip to Panama City Beach in 7th grade forever bonded the two. Living three houses down the block from one another and sharing a locker through four years of high school translated into a lifelong friendship that Brooke values very much.

Pic1Patrick Clark, Groomsman

Patrick and Chris both attended St. Xavier High School, but their friendship truly blossomed at Murray State after the two were initiated through Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity during the same semester. At MSU, Chris babysat a “smuggled” puppy named Winston in Regents Hall while Patrick went to take his finals. Chris later hired Patrick to work for “The Murray State News” and write a weekly column called, “It’s Pat.”

Pic1Kayla Meade, Bridesmaid

Brooke and Kayla met in Delta Gamma sorority at MSU. With basically the same social and academic schedule, it was only a matter of time before these two became the best of friends. These two have traveled to many exotic places together including Chicago, West Palm Beach, Myrtle Beach and New York City.

Pic1Ryan Peabody, Groomsman

Ryan and Chris became fast friends during their freshman year at St. Xavier after eating lunch together on their first day of high school. After playing football together for the Tigers, they went on to be first-semester roommates at Murray State in their Hester Hall dorm room – the “Dough-Zha Pad” and eventually became fraternity brothers after talking Ryan into joining the group.

Pic1Chelsea Gilbert, Bridesmaid

Brooke and Chelsea met while both taking their first "Big Girl" jobs out of college at the legendary Churchill Downs on the events team. Living only a block apart in downtown's Old Louisville, these two bonded over the long slap-happy hours worked under the twin spires and the friendship that blossomed will last a lifetime. Chelsea is also credited with helping Brooke meet Ace of Cakes' Duff Goldman, Brooke's cake decorating icon.

Pic1Phil Jones, Groomsman

Phil is the “oldest friend” of the bunch, as he and Chris have been buddies since the fourth grade. They grew up in Louisville playing in the same J-town Baseball Little League, were members of the Redbirds’ “Knothole Gang,” frequented Kentucky Kingdom amusement park every day during their summer breaks, and watched an inappropriate amount of “The Soup with John Henson.” Despite attending different, rivaling high schools, the two reunited at Murray State and were eventually fraternity brothers within Lambda Chi Alpha, even after Phil always proclaimed he would keep his “independent” status.

Pic1Kim Elder, Bridesmaid

Brooke and Kim met in the seventh grade at Oldham County Middle school.  One of Brooke's earliest memories of Kim is them both trying out for the dance team in middle school, where they bonded at team tryouts.  For anyone wondering the outcome of the auditions, Kim made the team and Brooke is still as terrible of a dancer as she was in the seventh grade.

Pic1Stephen Vali, Groomsman

Stephen and Chris were fraternity brothers before they even knew it, as Stephen joined Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity while attending the University of Southern Indiana. After Stephen transferred from USI to Murray State, Chris and “Brother Vali” became good friends and fantasy football gurus. They sustain an excellent friendship to this day.

Pic1Amanda Omohundro, Bridesmaid

Brooke and Amanda (a.k.a. "Omo") met while both were freshmen at MSU and members of Delta Gamma sorority. Though many memories were shared in Morehead, these two kept their friendship strong with frequent visits to Greenwich, CT and Louisville between their after-college residences.

Pic1Bryan Sapp, Groomsman

Bryan and Chris attended St. Xavier High School together and were roommates at 905 Delor Ave. after Chris moved in during September 2008. Both sports nuts, Bryan and Chris have taken several trips together to Las Vegas while Bryan played in the World Series of Poker. Chris’ love of Bryan “the Squirrel” Sapp was cemented during Halloween 2008, as Chris dressed up as one of Bryan’s alter egos – “Poker Sapp.”

Pic1Erin Taylor, Bridesmaid

Brooke and Erin met when Brooke joined the events team at Churchill Downs.  Erin eventually became Brooke's "Boss Lady," but that didn't stop their already solid bond.  These two have remained best friends and enjoy attending many "Louisville" events together as well as always eating their dessert before their meal. 

Pic1Sean Lanning, Groomsman

Sean and Chris played football together at St. Xavier where they won a pair of state championships (1997 and 1999). This duo tag-teamed one of the House of Blue Smoke cigar booths during the Kentucky Derby fesitivites at Churchill Downs in 1999 and grew closer when Chris became a “tenant” at Sean’s residence several years ago. One of their many highlights includes a two-month viewing marathon of the television show “24,” that included six straight seasons of the famous FOX series.

Pic1Lindsie Fransen, Bridesmaid

Lindsie Fransen (formerly Jung) is Chris' middle sister. Brooke and Lindsie met the day of Lindsie's bridal shower in Chicago and have remained close ever since. Brooke feels very lucky to have Lindsie as a future sister-in-law and enjoys every opportunity to visit with her. One of Brooke's fondest memories with Lindsie was getting to meet one of her patients in the pediatric oncology ward of Chicago Children's hospital where Lindsie formerly worked.

Pic1Chad Ballard, Groomsman

Chad is Brooke’s older brother and was at the apartment that he and Brooke shared when Chris came to pick up Brooke for one of their first dates. Chris is happy to have Chad as his future brother-in-law and has enjoyed the relationship they have established, especially the aspect of sarcastic humor that usually occurs when they are together.

Pic1Lauren Siemer, Bridesmaid

Lauren Siemer (formerly Jung) is Chris' youngest sister. Brooke and Lauren met at Brooke's first Cincinnati Reds baseball game in the summer of 2009. Brooke is excited to have Lauren as her future sister-in-law and enjoys their mutual love of stand-up comedy.  Brooke is fortunate that Lauren lives so close to Louisville and always enjoys visiting her in Cincinnati.

Pic1Eric Ballard, Groomsman

Eric is Brooke’s younger brother and met Chris during a “group birthday party” that was held for all the Ballard siblings during May 2009. Chris is excited to have Eric (and Chad) as the brothers he never had and fondly remembers his trip with Eric to Elk Creek Winery for the Darius Rucker concert in July 2009.

Pic1Zoe Wells, Jr. Bridesmaid

Brooke was fortunate enough to meet Zoe - the cousin of Brooke's freshman roommate - in 2003, when she began babysitting Zoe as a 4-year old. Brooke and Zoe most enjoy sing alongs, playing, and eating chocolate. Brooke feels a sisterly bond with Zoe and loves her dearly!

Supporting Cast


Elijah Steffensmeier, Ring Bearer

Elijah and Christopher are considered the “bookend” cousins, as Elijah (the youngest grandchild) and Christopher (the oldest grandchild) are 27 years apart. Elijah is the youngest son of Christopher’s Aunt Crissey and is one of the happiest children in history, which he constantly proves with his heart-melting smile.


Helena Steffensmeier, Flower Girl

Helena is Christopher’s cousin and is the daughter of Christopher’s Aunt Crissey. Helena is serving her second term as a flower girl in a Jung wedding and is as adorable as she is beautiful. Helena, who loves to help her Mommy bake (and then eat) yummy desserts, is 4 years old and originally requested to be the “Make Up Girl,” opposed to “Flower Girl.”


Justin Haydock, Usher

Justin and Chris played football together at St. Xavier High School, have been good friends for 13 years and hope to one day be inducted into the St. X Tiger Chorus Hall of Fame.


Phil Mettling, Usher

Phil and Chris played football together at St. Xavier High School and have a mutual love for cigars. During their senior football season, Phil sacrificed his spot as team co-captain for the St. X vs. Trinity game so that Chris could take the spot instead.


Laura Beth Abner, Program Attendant

Brooke met Laura Beth while both attending Morehead State University and participating as active members of Delta Gamma sorority.  Brooke and Laura Beth share a love of over-the-top accessories and all things 'gaumy'.


Beth Ann Wilburn, Program Attendant

Brooke and Beth Ann met their sophomore year at Morehead State University in East Mignon Hall, where they both served as Resident Advisors. From then on, these two roomed together throughout the remainder of their college years and after graduation. Brooke is thankful for Beth Ann's constant love, support and friendship through every aspect of her life.



The Henry Clay - Ceremony & Reception

604 South 3rd Street, Louisville, KY 40202, (502) 992-3156 (MAP IT)

What once was an historic lodge, hotel, and women’s community center has become a multi-use space servicing the needs of downtown residents, businessmen and women, and tourists.

Located in the heart of Louisville’s theater district, The Henry Clay is a $20 million mixed-use redevelopment project. The building was built in 1924 as an Elk’s Lodge, and it later became the Henry Clay Hotel in 1928 and then the YWCA in 1963. The Wright Taylor building that sits behind The Henry Clay was built in 1928 during the heyday of the Fourth Street commercial boom. It is one of the largest historic renovation projects in the country of one of the finest buildings of the neo-classic revival style that grew in popularity during the 1920’s era. This style was used extensively in Louisville from 1910-1930 by the prominent local architecture firm of Joseph and Joseph Architects, which designed the building.

The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 because of the significance of its architectural features. The Henry Clay became one of Louisville’s most endangered sites after being abandoned in 1987.

Today the Henry Clay is a bustling mixed-use center inhabiting the corner of Third St. and Chestnut St. Its distinctive period décor and ambience gives Louisvillians the opportunity to enjoy pride of place of the theatre district. The Henry Clay offers the largest historic boutique event space in downtown Louisville.

The Henry Clay's location in the theatre district in Louisville places it strategically within walking distance to some of downtown's most desirable locations including  the 4th Street Live entertainment district, The Palace Theatre, Slugger Field, Waterfront Park, and Louisville's new downtown arena, the KFC Yum! Center.  It is also just a short distance to the Louisville Slugger Museum, Churchill Downs, the Louisvlle Science Center, and Glassworks.

Wedding Guest

Brown Hotel
The Brown Hotel
View the Website

Click this link to get your special Ballard-Jung group rate at the Brown Hotel, and act quickly to reserve your spots in the special block of rooms.

Attendee Code: jung

The Brown Hotel offers free to-and-from airport shuttle for guests and and Louisville's downtown trolley line and will transport guests FREE throughout the day. The hotel is 1.5 blocks away from The Henry Clay. Internet access will be available and free in the rooms, but parking is extra.

Visiting Louisville

Named for King Louis XVI of France in appreciation for his assistance during  the Revolutionary War, Louisville was founded by George Rogers Clark in 1778. While its initial growth was slow, the advent of the steamboat in the early 1800s sparked booming industrial development, and by 1830 Louisville had secured its place as the largest city in Kentucky.

With more than 2,500 restaurants, there is something for everyone’s particular taste. Consult the Louisville Restaurant Guide for details on the city’s favorite dining options.

Take a good look at Louisville! With so many options to explore, planning a trip to Louisville has never been easier! We have put together suggested itineraries which include all the must-see one-of-a-kind places only Louisville has to offer: Things to do in Louisville

Louisville Map
<< Check out the Interactive Map of Louisville! Things to do and places to see during your stay!

The Gift Registry

Brooke and Chris appreciate you helping them to have nice items in their future home. For now, should you elect to purchase/order wedding gifts online, please send them to the following address:

1903 Wildbriar Ct.
LaGrange, KY 40031


View the Registry
View the Registry

View the Registry
HoneyMoon Wishes
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Enagement Photo Gallery

The "Engagement Story"

Pic1During Valentine's Day Weekend 2010, Brooke and Chris flew to New York City for a mini vacation. It was Chris' first time visiting the city and Brooke was looking forward to showing him the sights.

On Valentine's Day morning, and then several times throughout the day, Chris found creative ways to deliver Precious Moments-themed Valentines to Brooke. The first was in her shoe, the next came from the waitress at breakfast, one was waiting near a dispenser at Dylan's Candy Bar, etc.

The plan was for Chris to give Brooke one last Valentine during a surprise marriage proposal on the Brooklyn Bridge. In true Chris fashion, however, he misplaced the Valentine at some point during the day while the couple walked the streets of NYC. He quickly improvised and got down on his knee and popped the question.

After Brooke delivered an emphatic "YES!," she was surprised again to find out that the entire moment had been captured by an incognito photographer who was coyly shooting pictures nearby.

Brooke wanted to call her parents and friends, but was told to wait. The "moment" wasn't over.

Following the proposal and photos on the bridge, Chris told Brooke that he wanted to take a train uptown to a place called Pinkberry to get ice cream, since that is how they spent their first date together. Little did Brooke know, however, that planted in this particular Pinkberry was Mary Jo Holuba - a member of the Columbia University chapter of Delta Gamma (the sorority Brooke joined while in college at Morehead State) - sporting a sweatshirt with big DG letters on it. The plan was to have Brooke and MJ engage in conversation over their DG connection, and then have Mary Jo invite Brooke and Chris to go check out the Columbia DG house, which was conveniently located just down the street. The plan fell into place perfectly, as a table directly next to MJ (and her decoy boyfriend) opened up after Brooke and Chris placed their order.

 Chris and Brooke sat down to enjoy their dessert, and Brooke commented that they needed to take a photo to commemorate the "engagement ice cream" for the scrapbook. Chris suggested that she ask the girl sitting next to them (Mary Jo) and got her attention. When MJ turned toward Chris and Brooke to grant the picture-taking request, Brooke quickly noticed the DG letters and joyfully proclaimed that "she was a Delta Gamma, too!" Without any forced dialogue or suspicious thoughts on Brooke's part, the two of them spoke back and forth for a good 15 minutes, asking questions about their respective chapters and sharing DG stories. When everyone was finished with their ice cream, MJ (as planned) asked Brooke and Chris to walk a couple blocks to see the DG chapter's house. Chris gave his approval of this "spontaneous trip" (wink, wink) and off they went.Delta Gamma

At the corner before arriving to the house, MJ's boyfriend excused himself and said he needed to be somewhere. So the remaining three walked up the stairs to the DG Zeta Theta house, with Brooke going first. When she reached the top, she thought it was peculiar that the door was open, but the lights were off. As she got one foot into the house, Brooke quickly become alarmed that she had mistakenly walked into a ritual or ceremony, and she quickly turned to have Chris go back down the stairs. Quite the contrary. Mary Jo turned Brooke around, told her to go on in, and upon entry into the house, Brooke surprisingly found 90 Delta Gamma women lined up, in black dresses, and holding candles and cream-colored roses. As the first girl extended her rose to Brooke, Chris assured her with a smile and a nod that this was for Brooke, and she suddenly realized what was happening.

As Brooke walked down the line, the DG girls gave her the roses as they hummed a tune. As she reached the end of the line and went into a side room, Brooke was surrounded by a full circle of DG members and they began to sing ZT's candlelight song for engagements, lavalieres, etc. Brooke stood glowing in the middle of the circle, where Chris went to join her, and watched with elation as Brooke took in the overwhelming moment that was being created for her. Following the completion of the song, all the girls clapped and cheered, and quickly asked Brooke for details about the entire day, how Chris asked, where he asked her, etc. Brooke was happy to recount the details. After "story time," they took a group picture and offered one last "congratulations" as the newly engaged couple left the house.

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